2020 Entertainment

Featured Entertainment

Yes, you can find all of this at the 2020 state fair!

Sea Lion Splash

Featuring Kimmy, Zoey, and Syra. These girls are talented sea-lions who live for applause and fishy treats.

Dueling Pianos

These baby grand pianos provide a unique interactive experience for member of the crowd with singing, dancing! Click here to learn more.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

You will not want to miss the opportunity to take a stroll through Century of Strange at the 2020 Florida State Fair!

All the excitement

SOAR by Natural Encounters

Close encounters with a live animal demonstrating species-appropriate behavior sure to leave a lasting impression!

Daredevil Daze

Bello Nock presents Daredevil Daze! Aerial Adrenaline, Motorcycle Madness, the Whirling Wheel of Wonder and more!

Circus Hollywood

Circus Hollywood cherishes the traditions of a classic circus while providing a new, modern twist sure to the delight people of all ages!

Extreme Dogs

This amazing show includes all your favorite dog sports like agility, high jump, tricks, and dock diving with a brilliant cast.

Country Gold

Leroy Van Dyke, Linda Davis, The Malpasse Brothers and Steve and Rudy Gatlin featuring America’s golden music.

Team Big Air

Team Big Air is bringing their exciting acrobatic slam dunk performance to the 2020 Florida State Fair.


The best extreme pogo performance team in the world! Jumping over 9 feet in the air on next-generation pogo sticks.

Hollywood Racing Pigs

Can’t wait for the Daytona 500? We found a show for you. Watch Kim Kardashi-ham and Notorious P.I.G. race for the gold medal!

Kids Can Cook

“Kids Can Cook™” is not only a show but an interactive program that introduces kids to fun and simple delicious recipes.

Antwan Towner

Antwan Towner is one of the best magicians presenting magic and mind reading shows based in Orlando and Tampa!

Demo Derby

Looking for thrills at the Florida State Fair? Watch as cars crash and smash until there is only one left standing.

Draft Horse Pull

Watch as they compete by pulling a weighted sled a short distance and the most powerful equine declared the winner.

Pony Rides

The Great American Pony Ride’s beautiful purebred Welsh ponies walk under a revolving tent top.

Ranch Rodeo

Ranch rodeo teams, four cowboys and a cowgirl compete in events derived from jobs you might see on an actual cattle ranch.

Funny Little People

This unparalleled comedy-dance act has an ‘all ages’ appeal, with their high energy theme shows and hilarious improv!

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Take a ride in the completely restored N3079G, also known as the original Batcopter from the Batman TV series and original Batman movie! $40 per person, per ride (single orbit) or $50 per person, per ride (double orbit).


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