A Day at the State Fair

A Day Full of Fun and Play 

Picture this, it’s a beautiful day outside and you and your family have decided to spend it at the Florida State Fair. You have bought your tickets, packed your bags, put on some comfy walking shoes, and are ready to go! After you arrive, park your car and finally enter the gates, you get your picture taken by Images Everywhere and hang onto the ticket for when you leave later that night.

Suddenly, you are greeted with sounds of laughter and screams! You are amazed by all of the sights and smells and can’t wait to dive in. But, the question is, where do you start your adventure? What do you do first?  Well, we may have some tips for you to make sure you have a fair-tastic experience during your visit!

When entering the fairgrounds, it might be a good idea for you and your party to start by walking around and scoping out all of the rides, games, food, and more that the fair has to offer. See what others in your group are interested in, and make a note of everything you want to do throughout your day. It may be smart to start with some rides before getting a taste of that delicious fair food, so we suggest making your way down the midway and getting your ride on! You can hop on a thrilling rollercoaster, take a relaxing ride on a classic ferris wheel, swing around the air on a giant swing set, and so much more!

Also, feel free to spend some time playing classic fair games and winning some pretty awesome prizes to bring home! Bring out your competitive side when you throw darts at balloons, race each other at squirt gun target battles, try and climb an unstable, wobbly ladder, and more.

After all of this entertaining gameplay and exciting rides, you and your family may be developing some hefty appetites, so it could be a good idea to grab some food before continuing onto your next adventure. There are countless vendors set up and spread out around the fairgrounds, so if you are worried about not having many options for food, don’t be! From delicious desserts to savory sandwiches, your mouth is surely going to water walking down the streets and looking at everything to choose from!

It may get a bit warm outside during your day at the fair (thank you Florida spring weather), so a great way to enjoy some A/C and still have fun is by visiting our indoor Expo Hall and Craftsman’s Marketplace on the fairgrounds! In both the Expo Hall and Craftsman’s, go up and down the aisles and walk up to many different vendor booths, specializing in countless goods and services such as spas, desserts, clothing, crafts and homemade goods, etc. Many vendors offer free goodies and samples that kids and adults love! And who knows, you may even buy a few things to bring home and enjoy.

To gradually warm yourself back up from the cool refreshing A/C in the Expo Hall, pay a visit to the cows, goats, pigs, chickens and more adorable farm animals in the livestock barn! Learn about a variety of animals and travel out to the little farmhands agricultural education exhibit for the kids to play their very own hand at farming. Once you have a feel for farming, you and your family can make your way back to Cracker Country to immerse yourself in the life of a 19th century Florida pioneer.

After learning all about farming, traveling back in time, visiting vendors, eating some food, and riding all the rides you can, you probably will start to get pretty tired. That’s what happens when you’re having so much fun in the sun! To rest your feet and re-energize, go and check out one of the outstanding and heart-racing performances we have going on at the fair. From pig races and sing-a-longs to a Hollywood Circus, these acts are sure to put a smile on your face!

As the sun starts to set and you and your family are about to experience the fair in all of its neon colors! Take the time to hit all of the food spots, rides, and vendors that you weren’t able to go to earlier or decided to save for later. Check out one last nighttime show before you leave and take some great photos illuminated by the fair lights for social media or just your own personal camera roll.

As you are on your way out make sure you have everything and everyone with you and don’t forget to visit the Images Everywhere booth to collect your photo taken at the gate when you arrived. Your day at the fair may now be over, but in the end, the memories you made this day will last a lifetime!