Creative Living Competitions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to entering your creations into the Fair?
  • All artwork is accepted as long as it meets our rules requirements. Each Handbook contains those
    specific requirements.
  • Your artwork or crafts will be on display for thousands of people to see all 12 days of the Fair.
  • Each Adult Exhibitor gets one free admission ticket to any day of the Fair. Youth exhibitors will receive
    two free admission tickets to any day of the Fair.
  • You will have a chance to take home cash prizes and ribbons if your piece wins.
  • It is fun to see your work displayed!
What type of work can I exhibit and can children enter?

Any type of Arts & Crafts, Photography, Fiber Arts, Sewing & Quilting, Legos, Technology, Architecture,
Aquariums, Plants, Baked Goods and Preserved Foods. Our youth competitions are open to Florida
residents in grades 1 – 12, as of September 1, 2021.

How many entries may I enter?

That varies between each competition. Please consult each competition handbook for those details.

How do you learn that the entry process is open?

If you have exhibited before or have requested to be added to our email list you will receive an email in
early September stating that the handbooks which contain the rules, important dates and entry
information are ready and posted online at
There will be announcements on our Facebook page as well.

How do I enter Online?

We have a step-by-step guide to entering online that you will find helpful. It is important before you enter
online that you know the Division and Class for each of your entries.

How to Submit an Online Entry

Is there a cost to enter my items into the Fair?

Yes there is a nominal fee to enter each item. Mostly $3 per adult entry and $1 per youth entry. We accept all major credit cards. However, PayPal is not accepted. You also have the option to mail us your paper application form along with your payment in the form of a check or money order.

Are entries due when applications are due?

Applications are due well in advance of the delivering the actual finished item to the Fair.

Key delivery and pick-up dates

Can I ship my entry to the Fair?

Yes… we can receive shipped items. They are usually due to arrive prior to the in person delivery date. See
specific handbook for details. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the entrant.

Your shipped item will need to be accompanied by a Shipping Form & return postage.
Shipping Form

Are there volunteer opportunities within the Creative Living Department?

Yes… there are many ways to volunteer before, during & after the Fair. Please contact our Volunteer
department at