Media Room


Proxima Nova is the primary typeface and should be used for all documents and publications for headlines, providing emphasis and can be used throughout as body copy. Justus Pro is complementary to the primary typeface, Proxima Nova, and should be utilized for subheadings and body copy where possible. Both fonts are available on Adobe Fonts.

Color Guide

The Florida State fair brand utilizes a wide range of colors to exhibit the bright and fun aesthetic that the state fair offers. Our primary colors being Navy Blue and Royal Blue with accent colors of green, yellow, teal, etc. The full-color palette can be viewed by clicking on the brand guide box above.


Navy Blue: #163F5F

Royal Blue

Royal Blue: #20639B


Teal: #1396AD

Dark Red

Red: #CF2F27

Pale Red

Lite Red: #EC563C

Rich Teal

Rich Teal: #52CFE6

Orange: #F5A055

Yellow: #F5D87D

Purple: #6A4C93


Green: #357B4E

Pale Green

Lite Green: #5EBE7B