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Circus Hollywood

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February 9, 2023

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5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Circus Pad
4800 U.S. Hwy 301 N
Tampa, FL 33610

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Circus Hollywood

Serge Coronas Jr. and his family have been a part of the big top for five generations. Though Serge Coronas Jr. might have started out in a family of wire walkers, he’s also a daredevil, performing in the circus’s motorcycle cage act, where he and another rider defy gravity by racing around inside a metal-framed globe, about 15 feet in diameter. The Hollywood Circus tent is 150 by 150 feet, holding 1,200 people in the center of the fair’s property. The circus has seven revolving acts with camels, horses, dogs, clowns, daredevils, magicians and trapeze artists.

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